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A message from Gareth Nation Posted on: 29/01/2021

A message from Gareth Nation

The strength and commitment from the Buckland Team has been unfaltering. As a school, we recognise the challenges that parents/carers have faced over the past 3 weeks and I’m proud of the team’s efforts to support the children and families of Buckland School. Miss Cridland has done a fantastic job managing Home Education for 6 year groups! Well done Miss Cridland - we’ve had an unprecedented number of positive comments from the community for all your hard work. Miss Sulivan has had an interesting start to her career at Buckland St. Mary to say the least but she has embraced the challenges with a confident and ‘can do’ attitude. The breadth and quality of provision for the children has been fantastic. Mrs Henning has provided some super Home Education for MfL, Mr Kalopsideotis has put his History knowledge to the test by supporting the teaching and learning of Roman Britain and Miss North and Mrs Blatcher have been assisting Ash Class strive towards their Early Learning Goals. Mrs Cann has assisted the school with setting up Home Testing procedures along with the vast array of administrative duties over the past 3 weeks. The team have achieved a great deal since the start of the term and the teachers have stepped up to the expectations set upon them. The ‘buzz’ at Buckland School is a positive one thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of the team. Parents/carers, please continue to maintain regular communication with the school and contact me via the school office if there is anything further we can do to support you. My thanks to those who attended the Parent Zoom sessions. I hope you found these informative and took some practical solutions from the session. I do not underestimate the challenging situation we’re all in and we all need to support each other so do get in touch.  Categories: 1 CategorySchool News

3 Blog Posts found

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