Forest School

When will my child have Forest School?  

Below is the Forest School calendar from w/c 4th March 2024 – these sessions will now happen weekly but will be for the afternoons only – so from 1pm, after lunch. This will allow for core learning to continue in the morning sessions.   

  • Beech class will have Forest school on a Monday afternoon

  • Ash class will have Forest school on a Tuesday afternoon  

  • Oak Class will have Forest school on a Thursday afternoon


What will they need?  

The weather will start to get warmer soon, but whatever the season, having the appropriate kit remains important.  

Here is a list of essential items:  

  • Wellies or walking boots, with plenty of room for extra socks if necessary.  

  • Waterproof coat and over-trousers.  

  • Plenty of thin layers, which can be added to or removed depending on need!  

  • A spare set of clothes.  

  • A pair of indoor shoes. These should be worn into school for the morning, with separate outdoor shoes in a bag. These provide dry footwear to change into, and are also useful if the children need to come inside for any reason during the session (e.g. toilet etc.).  

  • Even in warm weather, we do ask that all clothing covers arms and legs, to prevent nettle stings, insect bites and so on.  

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