Dear Parents and Carers,


Our most recent Ofsted inspection on the 7th and 8th of February has been published on the Ofsted website. It is also on the school's website, (About us - Key Information) or see link below.                   

The report recognises the impact of all the work the school has done and progress made over the past few years, as part of The Redstart Learning Partnership and we are pleased with the many positive comments. In particular, we are delighted that the Early Years Provision was judged to be good. The inspector observed the benefits of the substantial amount of building work and transformed learning environments, along with the very effective working relationships between the staff in the Nursery and Ash class. We look forward to building on these strengths moving forward.

The inspector also commented favorably on the standards in teaching and learning, and praised the school for its consistent approach and the quality of feedback given to the children. She reported how the attainment and progress made by the children has significantly improved in recent years. We are pleased that the emphasis school leaders and staff have placed on the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics has been recognised.

As School Leaders, we are also pleased that the commitment, the aspirations, and the hard work of the staff at Buckland, together with the benefits of working closely with the Trust are identified in the report. As the report states, we “have a clear and shared view as to what needs to be done to improve the quality of education in the school and how to go about it.”

We are very proud of all of our children who are keen to learn and work well with others. We are also encouraged that whilst behaviour at playtimes was not as good as we would like, the inspector commented positively the work we are doing, with support from Mrs Liddell (our Trust Lead Teacher for Behaviour).

Despite all the many positive comments, the school still received the judgment of Requires Improvement. Firstly, whilst the inspector was very impressed with the wide range of sporting and creative opportunities the school provides for all children, we must now focus on more rigorous assessment in these areas, as well as their deeper understanding of life in modern Britain. Equally, whilst we are pleased that the high quality of pastoral care provided for the children was reported and the acknowledgment that safeguarding is effective, we know we must tighten up on some paperwork systems relating to behaviour.

There is a real commitment from all the staff, LAB members and The Redstart Learning Partnership to use the recommendations of this report to further build on the significant achievements of recent years. We are pleased that this report confirms we have made good progress and whilst we are disappointed with the decision, this will not detract from our plans for the future as we strive to ensure the children receive the very best education at Buckland St Mary.

Yours Faithfully,

Gareth Nation                                                   Simon Billington

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