Who's Who

CEO of The Redstart Learning Partnership - Mrs Suzanne Flack


Head of School - Mrs Ethne Staniland

Ash Class - Reception and Year 1

Class Teacher- Nadine Luesley

Apprentice LSA- Deborah Gilbert

LSA- Lucy North


Oak Class - Years 2 and 3

Class Teacher- Karen Henning

Teaching Assistant- Julie Ward


Beech Class - Years 4, 5 & 6

Class Teacher- Ellie Marriott

Teaching Assistant- Charlotte Jessup


Willow Nursery

Nursery Manager - Kelly Napper 

LSA- Victoria Dore 



Emma Counter


Lunch time Supervisors - Lucy North

Breakfast Club Supervisors - Sara Groves, Julie Ward and Charlotte Jessup

Wrap Around Care Supervisors - Kelly Napper and Julie Ward

Office Staff  - Amy Dodge

Office Manager - Nikki Oliver

Cleaner - Sara Groves

Caretaker - Marc Burgess


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