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Posted on: September 24th 2021

A Message from Steve Morton

A very big hello and an even bigger thank you to you all for giving me such a warm welcome back to our school. Walking through the school gates each morning with the sun on my face (other weathers are available!) fills me with joy and energy for the day. Buckland St Mary is a wonderful place to be and your children make our school its heart.

The term is off to a great start with all the children settling back into their classes with a skip in their step and a smile on their face. I have even seen a few of the teachers doing the same!!! 

Our discovery sessions are underway and this term. I hope you have all received and understood your child’s curriculum maps and that they are pride of pace on the fridge door!  All the children are currently thinking as scientist, geographers and artists and learning the specific vocabulary to be able to speak with confidence when discussing them. They are honing their skills and working on some amazing projects. We hope to be able to share all of their amazing art with you later in the year.

I look forward to getting an opportunity to chat with you on the playground over the coming weeks and we, as a school, look forward to sharing with you all of the marvellous things that we are planning to achieve as the term progresses.


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