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Posted on: May 26th 2022

A Message from Mr Morton

It is often quoted that ‘good things come in small packages’. That is certainly true of this half term. We have managed to pack so many amazing opportunities into the last 5 weeks. We began the half term with our brave Oak class children venturing out for a 2 day residential trip to Rock and Rapid. Then came swimming sessions for our Key stage 2 children. The May Fayre raised over £2,500 and was a welcome return to a bit of Buckland St Mary ‘normality’. SATs gave our children an opportunity to apply all of their learning and we are very proud of all of their efforts and resilience. Then came our whole week of Arts, full of wonderful creativity, and finally our Jubilee picnic in celebration of our Queen and her unwavering service to our nation. I’m confident that our red, white and blue apparel will demonstrate our patriotism and will possibly be visible from space! Thank you all for your support over the past 5 weeks. Have a wonderful Jubilee celebration weekend and I look forward to welcoming you all back for our final half term. 

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The Redstart Performing Arts Festival 2022 Posted on: 26/05/2022

The Redstart Performing Arts Festival 2022

The Redstart Performing Arts Festival 2022 The Redstart Learning Partnership Performing Arts Festival For the first time, all 10 of The Redstart Learning Partnership’s (TRLP) primary schools will be coming together to celebrate performing arts across the trust. The children from TRLPs 10 schools all based in Somerset and Devon will have two workshops one singing and one for dance with industry professionals Carolyn Tudor and Stuart Chaffer, as well as rehearse their own pieces to perform in a variety show on the professional theatre stage for their families in the afternoon. There will be approximately 170 children attending the day, all enjoying this wonderful opportunity.  All of the children involved in the event will be performing a song together at the end of the performance.  The song that has been chosen is this year’s Sing Up Day song and is called ‘Love as our Guide'.  It is a rousing, uplifting, and optimistic pop anthem, exploring themes of kindness and of being a person you can be proud of. In addition to this to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee the TRLP have also arranged a special Jubilee Art Competition for the children.  The winners will be chosen by Suzanne Flack (CEO of TRLP), Ethne Staniland (Subject Leader of Art for TRLP) and Susan Browning (Somerset artist). The winning artists will have their entries displayed in the Brewhouse Theatre foyer for all to enjoy. Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
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